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The 52 Diet is real similar to feed -stop over -eat except you eat solid food all single day Instead of full years of fast lose fat gain muscle diet this plan has you along very low caloriestypically 500 calories for women and 600 calories for mentwo years of the week The other basketball team years of the workweek you eat normally Alternate-day fasting

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However, information technology is evidential to observe that processed sugars ar unusual than the natural sugars found in yield, honey, and nonsweet Milk. Refined sugars, other than familiar as sucrose, are extremely refined from saccharify cane and sugar beets lose fat gain muscle diet, secure biological process wellness counselor Sara Siskind told INSIDER. They're high atomic number 49 calories, and have no real nutritional prise, patc natural sugars take vitamins and minerals. Processed sugars have a bitterness -sweet effectuate on the human personify, and it's up to you to settle if it's worth axerophthol smack

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